We are pleased to welcome you to the home of Edward Wormley, one of the most celebrated furniture designers of the 20th Century.  Many of the iconic works produced by DUNBAR during Wormley's tenure as Director of Design are still produced under license by DUNBAR and are available here to a discerning public.  Pieces may be customized through a variety of wood species, metal detailing and upholstery options.  Each is crafted to order and requires approximately 10 weeks to produce.

These timeless designs of Edward Wormley are still produced in the USA, now in Highpoint North Carolina under the same demanding production values and attention to detail that has made DUNBAR a manufacturer of envy amongst peers.  The company is a small family owned affair that takes into account the highest level of production values on each and every piece produced.

How to use this site

Each piece of furniture is crafted to order and available in "COLLECTION" and can be customized with wood types, metal finishes and upholstery.  There, you will find drop down menus to select finish details while some items will prompt you to enter the details just before checkout.  We strive to ensure each order is perfect and will confirm details or email with questions should any arise.

We've selected several upholstery options for your convenience, however, truly any of your favorite fabrics can be used on your Edward Wormley design.  We are happy to work with TRADE clients and COM (customer's own material) orders and will provide separate quotes via email for these pieces.

The "VINTAGE" section offers certified vintage Edward Wormley designs available for purchase by discerning collectors.  These original early pieces are selected based on merits of condition, provenance and rarity.

Our "LOOKBOOK" section is a journal of Edward Wormley designs, events, and moments of interest.


We are here for you seven days a week and welcome your email inquiries.  While fabric samples can be provided at no charge, we are also delighted to answer fabric selection recommendations.  Some fabrics tailor better on certain designs than others and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.  Please do not hesitate to email us at info@edwardwormley.com

“Furniture is needed for practical reasons, and because it must be there, it may as well be as pleasant as possible to look at, and in a less definable psychological way, comforting to the spirit.” - E J W